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T H E   C H A L L E N G E

To create a unique activation territory from which to launch Reyka on the on-trade, with the objective of engaging the country's best bartenders and making them fall in love with this premium vodka brand from Iceland.



T H E   A P P R O A C H

Reyka’s brand story is engrained in its natural ingredients and production process. With this in mind, we built the ‘Reyka Foraging Expeditions’, a series of inspiring seasonal foraging days. During the sessions, led by our Wondermaker, Fergus Drennan, our guests experienced the importance of nature in the production of Reyka. From the coast to woodlands, our guests were fully immersed in the experience of foraging.



T H E   W O N D E R

We didn’t stop there: more than just teaching our guests about foraging, we challenged them to experience it, too. At the end of the day, the explorers gathered around a pop-up bar in the woods and collaboratively created cocktails using their foraged ingredients. These seasonal, unique cocktails featured in cocktail lists and Reyka’s annual global cocktail book.




Over the course of four expeditions, we engaged with over 40 influential bartenders. These unique events championed Reyka’s craft credentials and inspired bartenders to create exceptional cocktails using its vodka.


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