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Tweet : Jan 4th 2018 14:41
Great article by @nathanmalta . More people need to listen in - but rather than the Kill Switch this is more like the Awakening Switch. ????????????
Tweet : Jul 27th 2017 20:54
Read why collaborating is vital, in our @BRNDWGN #ThrowbackThursday blog by CEO @PeterJanGrech #fortheloveofbrands:
Tweet : Jul 25th 2017 21:02
Congrats to our talented, stylish Creative Mark & his new wife Leanne on their special day from all of their @BRNDWGN family! #agencylife
Tweet : Jul 25th 2017 20:18
Talented @BRNDWGN creative Philip's wedding was so stylish it made the press! Congrats to the happy couple :-)
Tweet : Jul 24th 2017 20:23
The latest @DAN_Europe #whywedoit video made by us features photographer #RaffaellaSchlegel's underwater adventures:
Tweet : Jul 20th 2017 04:55
Companies should have a vision; it's implementing/sharing it which is key, argues @PeterJanGrech #ThrowbackThursday
Tweet : Jul 18th 2017 23:11
HPPY 1ST ANNVRSRY to Johann, our social media guru. What advice would he give other copy writers? "When in doubt, be shameless & use a pun!"
Tweet : Jul 14th 2017 21:44
Congrats to WGNeers Shawn, Andre, Charlotte & Mark who all celebrate their @BRNDWGN WRK NNVRSRY this month! #fortheloveofbrands #agencylife
Tweet : Jul 13th 2017 22:02
What does transparency mean to us/our clients? Our @BRNDWGN #ThrowbackThursday blog explains all #fortheloveofbrands
Tweet : Jul 12th 2017 22:40
Blogger @JustinCarmack explains why diving makes his life "1000 times better" in this @DAN_Europe #whywedoit video
Tweet : Jul 11th 2017 21:54
The latest @DAN_Europe #whywedoit video by @BRNDWGN is out soon! Till then, let's see @JasondeCaires' short again:
Tweet : Jul 7th 2017 20:24
Latest @DAN_Europe #whywedoit video (made by @kurtarrigo/@BRNDWGN) is out soon! So let's watch the last short again
Tweet : Jul 6th 2017 06:47
Good morning! Why does the world need #revolutionbrands? Our #ThrowbackThursday blog explains #fortheloveofbrands
Tweet : Jul 5th 2017 05:39
RT @BI_Advertising: Two of the world’s biggest advertisers are cutting back on their digital ad spend
Tweet : Jul 4th 2017 14:06
How did we celebrate our birthday? With an 11-candled cake? Nope. We indulged in a scrumptious affogato al caffè, obvs. #fortheloveofbrands
Tweet : Jul 4th 2017 13:04
The WGN's been turning for 11 years! And we've had a blast. Happy Birthday to us????#fortheloveofbrands @BRNDWGN
Tweet : Jul 3rd 2017 14:39
Gd luck to all graduating @MCAST students - @BRNDWGN creatives were v.impressed with what they saw @icafestival today! #WGNeersOfTheFuture
Tweet : Jul 3rd 2017 08:22
Happy Monday! Sometimes we just like to draw lines on the @BRNDWGN walls. #justbecause #agencylife #creativeWGNeers #fortheloveofbrands
Tweet : Jul 1st 2017 16:20
It's a hot one! With the temp. kissing 35?, we're glad to be working with this refreshing client #fortheloveofbrands
Tweet : Jun 28th 2017 16:38
"Motivation = Learning" explains @BRNDWGN Creative Lead, Philip Sultana.
Tweet : Jun 28th 2017 10:10
@BRNDWGN & its CEO @PeterJanGrech post on @instagram regularly - follow at: &
Tweet : Jun 28th 2017 10:05
RT @spgalea: Whose gonna win #BrunchOff? And whose brunch is whose? What a yummy start to the day @BRNDWGN :-)
Tweet : Jun 26th 2017 09:17
Happy Monday! Missed any of our blogs this year? Don't worry, they're all on @Medium. Check them out here:
Tweet : Jun 22nd 2017 10:06
We've upped the blogs @BRNDWGN recently. Wanna blog too? Here are some tips #ThrowbackThursday #fortheloveofbrands
Tweet : Jun 21st 2017 13:45
Don't be shy to show YOURself! @BRNDWGN's Creative Director Kat shares her top tips on creating a kick-ass portfolio
Tweet : Jun 21st 2017 08:54
It's important to network! That's why @BRNDWGN CEO @PeterJanGrech attends the #MaltaBusinessNetwork last addressed by @BOV CEO Mario Mallia:
Tweet : Jun 19th 2017 13:18
The 3rd @DAN_Europe #whywedoit @BRNDWGN video will be launched this week. Here's the 2nd, by ice diver Alban Michon:
Tweet : Jun 19th 2017 10:21
At @BRNDWGN we're always honing our business dev. strategy. That's why we're working with @codefinery's #RobinBonn today #fortheloveofbrands
Tweet : Jun 16th 2017 12:53
Happy Friday and Fathers' Day weekend from all the dads at @BRNDWGN to all you dads out there!
Tweet : Jun 15th 2017 10:33
How do you tell a brand's story? @BRNDWGN Copywriter, Rainer Helin, explains #ThrowbackThursday #fortheloveofbrands

DAN Europe  - #Whywedoit
DAN Europe
(DIvers Alert Network )
Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy, Digital
This is the #whywedoit story of Jason deCaires Taylor who creates monumental underwater sculptures.
Feb 6th 2018 09:45:05
Dr Juice - Dr Juice
Dr Juice
(Dr Juice)
Dr Juice
Dr Juice
Feb 6th 2018 09:28:14
DAN Europe  - #Whywedoit
DAN Europe
(DIvers Alert Network )
Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy, Branding / design, Digital
The call of the deep blue is different for everybody. This campaign explores some the reasons why.
May 18th 2017 14:58:53
Work Routes  - That Friend
Work Routes
(REED In Partnership)
That Friend
A campaign to increase candidate sign ups on in 9 different locations across the UK
May 4th 2017 09:52:22
GO  - GO - Fibre connected 4G network
(GO P.L.C)
GO - Fibre connected 4G network
Advertising/Creative, Branding / design
A campaign to launch the refreshed brand & establish GO as Malta's only Fibre connected network.
May 4th 2017 09:27:47

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