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Tweet : Apr 26th 2018 17:14
Is tech sucking our humanity dry? How do we stop it? CCO Nathan Hendricks leads the talk at the next #LPKSalon, 4/30 at 5 PM (ET). RSVP here:
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 20:54
We're in Chicago tonight for our latest Innovation Supper Club, a chance to break bread with fellow brilliant minds. Check out our upcoming dinners in Atlanta, Minneapolis, NYC + more:
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 16:16
Heritage brand @Gillette disrupts the category with a dramatic about-face. See our work:
Tweet : Apr 24th 2018 19:10
RT @JingDaily: Marketing your products in China needs to take into account of the country's cultural and political sensibility. Here are 10
Tweet : Apr 24th 2018 15:44
Furniture assembly jokes aside, @IKEAUK succeeds in balancing in-person tactility and online optionality. More on @MarketingWeekEd.
Tweet : Apr 23rd 2018 20:33
Does your brand have digital maturity? A lesson in user experience etiquette from our new Director of UX, @scotsullivan. #mondaymemo
Tweet : Apr 23rd 2018 17:44
RT @MediaPost: 32% Have Tried Augmented Reality, 55% Don't Plan To #IoT
Tweet : Apr 20th 2018 19:31
Wish your business's trends data fell into a beautiful bell curve with clear implications? It never will. @rollermt unpacks a better approach over on @beautymatter: #trends #beauty #insights #futureforward
Tweet : Apr 20th 2018 16:20
"Simply seeking relevance in the marketplace is no longer enough. To gain separation and market share, marketers must push their brands into the emergent culture, have a point of view and lead the category conversation." — CCO Nathan Hendricks at #FBIF2018 #insights
Tweet : Apr 20th 2018 14:35
@creativebrief's BITE caught up with @steinmam, VP, Managing Director, and covered a lot of ground: from the changing face of branding to the beauty of a big idea. Read the feature:
Tweet : Apr 19th 2018 18:00
Amazon is now the fifth-largest retailer in the UK—and it has HOW many Prime users? Answer:
Tweet : Apr 19th 2018 17:02
Laundry tends to feel like work, not play. We partnered with China-based Lonkey to disrupt the category with a whimsical brand experience. See it:
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 23:49
In Shanghai? LPK's CCO Nathan Hendricks takes the stage later this morning at FBIF, explaining how to get more out of insights — #FBIF2018
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 14:03
If innovation is changing the way gov't works, consider what it might do for your business. RSVP to our #PIFxLPK roundtable with @InnovFellows on 4/19 —
Tweet : Apr 17th 2018 22:05
This week, we're greening with meaning. Read @RickConner1's piece — #sustainability #earthweek #greenweek2018
Tweet : Apr 17th 2018 19:17
Last summer, we partnered with @OTRCH for our 24-hour #DesignBlitz. Today, we're proud to see the org release its annual report, detailing the major impact it's making across the community with a revitalized brand. Read it here:
Tweet : Apr 17th 2018 17:09
Last week, Mike Augustine (@Okapikid) jetted off to @univienna for some seriously brain-bending endeavors with @redbullmindgame. Follow along as his excursion continues.
Tweet : Apr 17th 2018 15:47
#LPKSalon returns on 4/30 to unite divergent thinkers around risky dialogue. Nathan Hendricks will lead "Letting Go of Humanity," washed down with a Weary Traveler cocktail. Don't miss it:
Tweet : Apr 12th 2018 18:39
How do brands become conversation-leaders in their categories? Merge the right insights from brand, consumer, category and culture, says CCO Nathan Hendricks. He'll unpack his strategy at FBIF's InnoPack program in Shanghai on 4/19. Register: #FBIF2018
Tweet : Apr 10th 2018 14:57
@KnewNewNeu shares his favorite card decks for ideation and problem-solving—and it lands the #2 spot on @IXchat's Top 20 articles:
Tweet : Apr 9th 2018 22:22
This just in: @GrCinciFdn has debuted its new brand, developed with LPK. We're so proud to partner with this organization as it enters its next chapter. #gcfconnects
Tweet : Apr 9th 2018 21:07
@InnovFellows brings the principles, values and practices of the innovation economy into government—and we're thrilled to host their Innovation Roundtable at LPK Cincinnati on 4/19. Register and save your spot:
Tweet : Apr 6th 2018 18:35
There are some tech takeaways from #SXSW18 that we can't get of our heads. Strategy Director @toritasch unpacks the big ones—and their implications on brands everywhere. Read:
Tweet : Apr 5th 2018 12:32
The conundrum of testing a new innovation proposition: use your existing brand and risk damaging it, or create an entirely new brand? We say neither. Build a minimum viable brand instead. Get the e-book:
Tweet : Apr 4th 2018 23:08
Our brand is vengeance: how to thrive in a culture of us versus them by @meredithwhitney on @DesignObserver —
Tweet : Apr 3rd 2018 13:48
Starting the day on campus. @KnewNewNeu is at @miamiuniversity this AM to talk overcoming the Roadblocks to Innovation.
Tweet : Apr 2nd 2018 14:36
Brand as prankster: a recap of yesterday's April Fool's Day stunts via @TheDrum —
Tweet : Mar 29th 2018 22:57
Overheard at today's #Roadblocks session: "Pain points fuel innovation." (via @MichaelHolman7)
Tweet : Mar 28th 2018 19:24
Retail forecast: a surprisingly bright future for the humble barcode —
Tweet : Mar 28th 2018 17:36
From Ohio to the Alps! We loved welcoming @dagruber and the Lindner Abroad team from @LindnerCollege at @uofcincy to our Geneva office to talk winning brand experiences.

Yogi Tea - A Brand Fit for the Mass Market
Yogi Tea
(Yogi Tea)
A Brand Fit for the Mass Market
Branding / design
Yogi Tea partnered with LPK to release a lineup tailored to mainstream shelves and consumers.
Aug 21st 2017 14:23:34
Gerber Grill Cheese - Gerber Takes to the BBQ
Gerber Grill Cheese
Gerber Takes to the BBQ
Branding / design
The fondue brand partnered with LPK to debut their line of grill-ready cheese patties.
Aug 21st 2017 14:23:22
Tampax & Always Radiant - Off the Runway, into Her Bag
Tampax & Always Radiant
(Procter & Gamble)
Off the Runway, into Her Bag
Branding / design
The Radiant collection by Tampax & Always embraces the bolder side of femininity.
Jun 27th 2017 10:55:52
Pinnacle - Top of the Leaderboard
(Acushnet Company)
Top of the Leaderboard
Branding / design
We drove Pinnacle to greener grass with a new brand design that resonates with casual golfers.
Jun 27th 2017 10:55:35
Pringles - A Brand Fit for a Party
A Brand Fit for a Party
Branding / design
To celebrate its 25th year in the UK, Pringles design pushes snacking beyond the ordinary.
Jun 27th 2017 10:55:10

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