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Tweet : Oct 15th 2018 23:17
RT @dougiesnr: truly impressive and now in our agency - endless applications - an immersive, sensory feast...
Tweet : Oct 15th 2018 17:30
Step inside our 360 immersive retail space - The Flagship. The Flagship mirrors the way we work, it inspires the way we think, it powers up our enhanced creativity. "It's more than just a space, it's a mindset" - @DigitalConstant - @Campaignmag
Tweet : Oct 15th 2018 15:36
At a time when religious tensions in India are at its peak and cracks in the Indian society seem to be widening, the timing and message of this ad by @GeometryGlobal India for @Unilever could not be more perfect - #redlabeltea #breakingstereotypes
Tweet : Oct 15th 2018 13:50
RT @Campaignmag: Head inside Geometry's 360 immersive retail space: @GeometryLDN
Tweet : Oct 14th 2018 09:39
RT @KarlTurley: Excited to be at the @GeometryLDN flagship launch, with our new @Fuel_3D retail fitting technology available in the space.
Tweet : Oct 12th 2018 14:21
Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated at UNBOXED with us! #wearegeometry #unboxed #agencylife
Tweet : Oct 12th 2018 14:18
@Claus_AD We’re so glad you could join us and had fun @Claus_AD
Tweet : Oct 12th 2018 14:17
RT @Claus_AD: What a great "unboxing" event. I love the new office, the flagship, the people & the spirit. Well done team @GeometryLDN #wea
Tweet : Oct 10th 2018 18:16
RT @RtlDesignExpo: Tom Moore, Head of Retail & Shopper at @GeometryLDN gave us insights into a new type of #shopper demographic #retailers
Tweet : Oct 10th 2018 17:51
Happy Birthday to all our friends at @Campaignmag from everyone at Geometry UK. Great Anniversary issue!
Tweet : Oct 9th 2018 23:30
RT @SSarahHazell: Congrats @GeometryLDN on terrific award #popaiawards18
Tweet : Oct 9th 2018 22:01
... and a Bronze for our work on @GSK Winter Remedies, in the Insights Category! ???? @popaiuki #popaiawards18 #awards #winter #health
Tweet : Oct 9th 2018 22:00
RT @popaiuki: We’re kicking off the second half of the #POPAIAwards with the Insights category sponsored by @shopparapp. The Bronze goes to
Tweet : Oct 9th 2018 20:30
We are delighted that our work on ‘Nurses’ with HRG and @GSK has won a Silver in the pharmacy category at the #popaiawards18. @popaiuki #awards
Tweet : Oct 9th 2018 14:01
Our Head of Shopper @t0mmoore gives his views on @Tesco's results and new advertising blitz in @TheDrum -
Tweet : Oct 4th 2018 19:28
We have loved working with @emirates and @Channel4 to create 'Off the Grid' for @All4 - @TheDrum
Tweet : Oct 4th 2018 14:27
RT @emmaburnett43: @GeometryLDN Can't wait! The office is looking amazing ????
Tweet : Oct 4th 2018 08:03
Entered the office to the sound of #TheFlagship booming! So excited for our exclusive premiere today #innovation #lab #retail #tech #agencylife @ Geometry Global London
Tweet : Oct 2nd 2018 16:05
Our new Innovation Hub supports brands & businesses with non-traditional solutions to modern-day challenges. Our practice is a London-based team of 15 disciplinary-agnostic creative & strategic designers, engineers, developers and researchers - @LBBOnline
Tweet : Oct 2nd 2018 12:29
RT @Campaignmag: . @GeometryGlobal launches innovation practice
Tweet : Oct 2nd 2018 12:28
RT @SSarahHazell: Geometry launches innovation practice @geometryLDN via @campaignmag
Tweet : Oct 1st 2018 17:13
We are so excited to officially launch our Innovation Hub! Our team is made up of 15 creative & strategic designers who are disciplinary-agnostic. The hub connects with our "People First" strategy, with ideas built on human need - @Campaignmag @innovation
Tweet : Sep 30th 2018 19:21
RT @kilometer6: Proud to have been involved @GeometryLDN @AKQA...Gore-Tex introduces new Infinium products with ‘Tested for Life’ campaign
Tweet : Sep 30th 2018 19:20
RT @FrancoMancaPizz: Pizza party for @geometryldn
Tweet : Sep 29th 2018 11:58
RT @MAAG_UK: Great to be at @adtechLDN and listening to @GeometryGlobal @Fuel_3D @JustEatUK @VisaEurope @MAAG_UK discuss “disrupting with #
Tweet : Sep 28th 2018 19:50
Gore-Tex introduces new Infinium products with ‘Tested for Life’ campaign - We've loved working as the #retail and #ecommerce partner on this project
Tweet : Sep 28th 2018 19:49
So proud to see our work for GORE-TEX come to life, with @AKQA @dentsuaegis @hogarthww and @protein - #testedforlife #goretex
Tweet : Sep 28th 2018 18:18
@HammersmithAcad @HA_6thForm We’re excited! ???? Thanks @HammersmithAcad and @HA_6thForm
Tweet : Sep 28th 2018 18:18
RT @HammersmithAcad: Congratulations to our @HA_6thForm students. These young adults are so full of creative ideas, you'll enjoy what they
Tweet : Sep 28th 2018 16:52
We gave the students a creative brief and split them into 5 teams - this lucky group won the pitch and have won a week’s work placement with us in 2019! ????????????#adunlocked #marketingagency #adayinthelife #advertisingagency #advertising #workplacement @The_IPA @HammersmithAcad

Baby Dove - Baby Dove Launch
Baby Dove
Baby Dove Launch
Shopper Marketing
We work with Unilever across their personal care brands and helped launch Baby Dove in the UK
May 22nd 2018 15:20:50
Toblerone - Arrive with a Bang
Arrive with a Bang
Shopper Marketing
During the festive season, you're typically traveling to see someone - and that's worth celebrating
May 22nd 2018 15:19:54
Viagra Connect - Viagra Connect - Retailer Engagement
Viagra Connect
Viagra Connect - Retailer Engagement
Brand Activation, Experiential marketing
The way people can access Viagra is changing for the better in the UK.
May 22nd 2018 15:19:02
Heineken - Champion the Match
(Heineken N.V.)
Champion the Match
Shopper Marketing
We were briefed to deliver sales growth during the UEFA Champions League period.
May 22nd 2018 15:17:43
Day & Night Nurse - Day & Night Nurse
Day & Night Nurse
Day & Night Nurse
Shopper Marketing
Our integrated campaign for Day Nurse and Night Nurse has launched in the UK.
May 22nd 2018 15:16:33

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