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Tweet : Apr 26th 2018 17:00
Social media’s coming of age has seen a lot of shifts that are becoming the new norms. @globalwebindex's @katie_young11 examines how behaviour on social media has evolved and the opportunities for brands online to engage audiences online.
Tweet : Apr 26th 2018 12:30
It has been reported that Reddit has seen a large surge in users over the last year, even overtaking Twitter in monthly active users. It's the sixth most visited site in the world. This and more of the latest social media new with @Laurajmuldoon.
Tweet : Apr 26th 2018 09:00
Influencer marketing has become a hot go-to strategy for many brands and there’s no better generation for this than Gen Z. Snackable, unobtrusive content is key, and an influencer sending out a relevant product recommendation fits the bill, @katie_young11.
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 19:31
Closing tonight's #RewriteTheRules of sports marketing event, @gleeding takes the stage to talk micro-influencers, content authenticity, and how our team helped adidas create its Tango Squad - a team of football-obsessed young influencers.
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 19:19
"Thinking about your audience's emotional response is key." @Sport_England's @kate_dale shares the lessons she's learned by creating #ThisGirlCan and how it's helped the team #RewriteTheRules when it comes to connecting female audiences with sport.
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 19:11
RT @M_Hensh: . #ThisGirlCan: Inspiring stuff, important work, killer campaign. @Sport_England's @kate_dale #RewriteTheRules @wearesocial h
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 19:06
The fear of judgement is a universal barrier to entry, especially for young women, when it comes to sports. @Sport_England's @kate_dale on how the traditional "aspirational" lifestyle and body images used in sports marketing can actually work against a brand. #RewriteTheRules
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 18:56
Joining us on stage now @Sport_England's @kate_dale discussing #ThisGirlCan, the growth of professional women's sports teams within the mainstream media and the impact this gradual change in gender norms has had on society. Tune in now. #RewriteTheRules
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 18:51
RT @M_Hensh: Great insight from @NFL's Lindsey Eckhouse on putting fans at the core of everything they do - building authentic brand advoca
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 18:49
The @NFL has always been good at allowing fans access to the behind-the-scenes, but sports fans today want more. Lindsey Eckhouse shares how enabling players to share more personal content with fans through social has helped to grow reach and engagement online. #RewriteTheRules
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 18:39
RT @M_Hensh: The way we consume sports content has fundamentally changed & the next change could be bigger than advent of colour tv through
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 18:35
Welcoming to the stage the @NFL's Lindsey Eckhouse discussing how data, consumer insight and digital innovation has helped the brand expand its fanbase in the UK, grow its reach online and #RewriteTheRules of sports content.
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 18:15
Our Director of We Are Social Sport, @joeweston kicking off tonight's #RewriteTheRules of sports marketing event. Couldn't make it down? Follow along now via our Facebook live stream.
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 14:00
Snapchat announces that advertisers can now add website links on to sponsored photo filters and users can buy products, watch longer promotional videos or install apps all from within the platform. Our Monday Mashup with @Laurajmuldoon.
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 10:30
"Over the last few years we’ve been increasingly producing high quality, innovative social content for a multi-platform social audience, and we’ve found that a very specific approach and skillset is needed to do this well", @doublejour.
Tweet : Apr 24th 2018 17:00
Despite mounting concerns about the amount of data collected by social media companies, the latest data show that social media usage grew by more than 100m in the first quarter of 2018. @eskimon discusses this and more in his latest Global Digital report.
Tweet : Apr 24th 2018 12:30
Hiring people who "fit the agency culture" & we feel comfortable with because they reflect our own perspectives and values, doesn't get us to great ideas or innovative approaches. We need people who will challenge us & bring a new point of view, @mobbie.
Tweet : Apr 23rd 2018 17:30
Snapchat Crocs filter goes viral, Facebook is putting more pre-rolls in more places, and Heinz release 'Mayochup' after Twitter poll demands it. The latest social media news in our Monday Mashup with @Laurajmuldoon.
Tweet : Apr 23rd 2018 13:51
RT @adidasfootball: Back to the roots. #TangoSquadFC return to #TangoLeague to face-off against @SomosMamboFC. ?? Watch Episode 9 of Tango
Tweet : Apr 23rd 2018 13:00
Can't make it along on Wednesday night's event? Fear not. You can join @joeweston, @gleeding, @kate_dale and @NFL's Lindsey Eckhouse from 6pm (BST) via our Facebook live stream and discover everything you need to know to #RewriteTheRules.
Tweet : Apr 20th 2018 16:00
After weeks of scrutiny, Facebook has confirmed this week that the platform has "not seen wild changes in behaviour" and that reports are showing that users on the whole still haven't updated their privacy settings. Our Monday Mashup with @Ryan_Dubras.
Tweet : Apr 20th 2018 10:30
When choosing an influencer, marketers should ask: do they have the authority to communicate my message, does their content align with my brand’s, and do they have the right audience? But it's virtually impossible to answer these without data, @FlorLujani.
Tweet : Apr 19th 2018 16:30
From @MumsnetTowers to @DigitalMumsHQ, @charliecottrell takes a look at some of the amazing women who have used social media to challenge the status quo, and examines how social media continues to help give women a chance to shape society.
Tweet : Apr 19th 2018 13:15
Despite a continued lack of user interest, Facebook is rolling out another set of new features for Stories - including a Boomerang-style feature and a tool to create three dimensional, hand-drawn objects and fix them into place in the virtual environment.
Tweet : Apr 19th 2018 11:30
Snapchat is rolling out Shoppable AR, a new feature that makes it even easier for advertisers to sell goods through sponsored lenses. The new offering will let advertisers create branded filters, bringing product placements to selfies.
Tweet : Apr 19th 2018 10:37
It's never too late to #RewriteTheRules. Sign up now to join us from 5.30pm (BST) on 25/4 where @joeweston, @gleeding, @Sport_England's @kate_dale and @NFL's Lindsey Eckhouse will be discussing the future for sports brands online.
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 15:00
Should AI to be programmed around an aspirational image of the world we want or a realistic version of the world today? It’s a fine line but ultimately, we need to build trust with AI and the people creating it to create unbiased technology, @mobbie.
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 11:44
Over the last decade, the social landscape has evolved beyond recognition, and our work has matured to reflect this. We’re excited to announce the launch of We Are Social Studios, a production company specialising in creating content for social platforms.
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 09:38
RT @Campaignmag: We Are Social launches a production company specialising in social content
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 09:30
Instagram is looking to launch Nametag, a new feature which would enable users to create their own customised Instagram code which, when scanned via the app, would instantly connect users to that account. Our Monday Mashup with @Ryan_Dubras.
News : Jan 19th 2016 by Tom Ollerton
We Are Social move from a blog based agency website to a client work showcase for Google, adidas, Heineken and Audi.
News : Jul 3rd 2015 by Tom Ollerton
Curiosity Stop is a collation of the innovations that inspired us this month
News : Jun 25th 2015 by Tom Ollerton
Hello Play! for Hello Bank!, BNP Paribas’ mobile bank, picked up two Bronze Lions in Engagement Platform and Financial Services.

Audi - Believe in the Future of Driving
Believe in the Future of Driving
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Social
Six children contemplate what the cars of the future might look like for Audi UK.
Jan 4th 2018 14:24:13
adidas Football - David Beckham: Capsule Collection: The return of an icon
adidas Football
David Beckham: Capsule Collection: The return of an icon
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Social
adidas, with David Beckham, brought back it's famous Predator boot after an absence of 4 years.
Dec 21st 2017 10:09:53
first direct - Tries new things
first direct
(first direct )
Tries new things
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Social
first direct encouraged potential new customers to try new experiences and to switch banks to them.
Nov 16th 2017 08:59:10
Digital, Social
HSBC encouraged young people in the UK to pursue new opportunities, and avoid future regrets.
Oct 3rd 2017 16:36:53
Benefit - #ConcealMySecret
(Benefit Boi-ing)
Digital, Social
We launched Benefit's Boi-ing range with a new tool to conceal cringe-worthy social media moments.
Sep 18th 2017 11:28:52

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