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Tweet : Today about 1 hour ago
For the first time ever, Snapchat will now allow Stories posted within its app to be shared to other social media platforms and blogs. There are no plans currently to allow sponsored or brand content to be shared, but only time will tell.
Tweet : Today about 1 hour ago
WhatsApp is forging ahead in harnessing the power of businesses with the official launch of its business app in select markets. This and more in our Monday Mashup with @Laurajmuldoon.
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2018 17:30
Earlier this month, Meghan Markle axed her 1.9m Instagram and 350,000 Twitter followers to fall in line with royal protocol. But used properly, a set of individual accounts for the royals could potentially be a force for good. @tomoak89 discusses why.
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2018 14:16
From 'say what you meme' to 'everything with moderation', @tomoak89 offers his social media resolutions to help brands avoid those costly social mishaps in 2018.
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2018 10:15
The current thinking is that platforms like Workplace by Facebook will, one day, replace all internal work emails. This is still a long way off, but for us it has certainly moved our collaboration efforts forward significantly, @2EmmaCumming.
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2018 09:26
RT @juliewoodsmoss: Wonderful micro speech @zannawharfe @wearesocial on the advances in #automated #empathy #BIMASocial about new tech that
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2018 09:24
RT @NotFromBolton: The guys from @wearesocial nailed it this morning, looking for the human element and the insight that creates is key and
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2018 09:20
RT @BIMA: We're able to track micro expressions already & now seeing content based on our emotions eg Honda, Amazon > @zannawharfe #BIMAsoc
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2018 09:19
RT @juliewoodsmoss: Interesting insights on the role #influencers in #social and the term micro is macro and new findings that many everyda
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2018 09:18
It's the micro expressions which give away a user's genuine emotional reaction to content, and we're now starting to see content which can adapt and respond to those individual emotional states, @zannawharfe at #BIMAsocial.
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2018 09:14
RT @BIMA: Trend report insights now from @zannawharfe of @wearesocial incl "unfight club" & automated empathy #BIMAsocial
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2018 09:13
Speaking now at the #BIMASocial breakfast briefing, @zannawharfe talking about emotional intelligence on social and some of the key trends which came out of our #ThinkForward2018 report.
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2018 09:12
RT @AlanRNewton: Clever from @wearesocial - diving into Maslows Hierarchy of Needs to understand what people need from social, reports @zan
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2018 08:59
Our Senior Strategist, @zannawharfe preparing to kick off at this morning's #BIMASocial breakfast briefing on the future of social media and how to get ready for it.
Tweet : Jan 22nd 2018 17:15
Facebook tests Watch Parties and Snapchat gets clever with targeting using deep links. The latest social media news in our Monday Mashup with @Laurajmuldoon.
Tweet : Jan 22nd 2018 15:45
Missed our Chief Strategy Officer @mobbie speaking at #remixldn on Friday, or saw the session and would like to find out more? You can download our full #ThinkForward2018 trends report for more details.
Tweet : Jan 22nd 2018 13:15
Voice may be the current battleground for tech giants, but in a voice-driven future it’s going to be relevant for all brands. @webmatted shares his top things for all brands to watch from this year's CES event.
Tweet : Jan 22nd 2018 11:30
Sports audiences now span a multitude of devices and platforms and it’s in the industry’s own interests to establish the best ways to fully engage their audience – whether that’s via a YouTube channel or its own app, @globalwebindex's @katie_young11.
Tweet : Jan 22nd 2018 10:45
Our Head of Editorial, @charliecottrell speaks with @TeleBBConnect on the danger of brands rushing to adopt social issues into their campaigns, without considering their genuine connection to the cultural subject matter - and the potential to offend.
Tweet : Jan 19th 2018 17:00
Facebook is said to be developing a new hardware product called Portal, to take on the likes of the Amazon Echo Show. It's predicted to hit the shelves in the second half of 2018 and retail for $498.
Tweet : Jan 19th 2018 16:32
RT @simplycomm: All aboard "The Ship" ??That's the name of @wearesocial's digital workplace. Read the case study on how they successfully
Tweet : Jan 19th 2018 15:18
RT @daveowhite: This is fascinating from @wearesocial. Social Media perceived authenticity inverse to scale of followers. #remixldn https:/
Tweet : Jan 19th 2018 14:00
Facebook is making significant changes to what organic content users see in their News Feeds. Brands now need to focus on continuing to create content that people want to engage with and share, not just relying on paying to appear in the newsfeed, @mobbie.
Tweet : Jan 19th 2018 13:30
Join us on 31/1 from 8:30am, where we'll be hosting a panel discussion with industry experts from Audi UK and more - looking at Facebook’s latest News Feed algorithm update and its implications for brands on the platform.
Tweet : Jan 19th 2018 11:45
In 2018, brands will need to start investing in ‘sonic branding’, so consumers are able to recognise the voice being spoken by an AI, and what it stands for - @sandrine, President and Founder, Pairs.
Tweet : Jan 18th 2018 17:30
With this year’s CES making headlines for (not all) the right reasons, it can be hard to tell the need to knows from the publicity stunts. Thankfully, @webmatted is on hand to guide brands through this minefield of gimmickry.
Tweet : Jan 18th 2018 14:46
RT @martinloves: Today in my @_ibt training we discussed diversity and inclusiveness in digital and I mentioned this piece from @wearesocia
Tweet : Jan 18th 2018 14:45
If you're heading down to #RemixLdn tomorrow, don't miss our Chief Strategy Officer @mobbie on the Main Stage from 2.45pm (GMT) where she'll be discussing 'How brands are riding the very latest evolutions of social media'.
Tweet : Jan 18th 2018 13:00
We recently ran a survey across our teams, asking for their thoughts on Workplace by Facebook, and found that 71% said it helped them to connect with their colleagues more easily, and feel 3 x more connected to the global network, @2EmmaCumming.
Tweet : Jan 18th 2018 11:30
Instagram tests new “Type” feature within Stories, which will allow users to share text-based messages as an alternative to photos or video.
News : Jan 19th 2016 by Tom Ollerton
We Are Social move from a blog based agency website to a client work showcase for Google, adidas, Heineken and Audi.
News : Jul 3rd 2015 by Tom Ollerton
Curiosity Stop is a collation of the innovations that inspired us this month
News : Jun 25th 2015 by Tom Ollerton
Hello Play! for Hello Bank!, BNP Paribas’ mobile bank, picked up two Bronze Lions in Engagement Platform and Financial Services.

Audi - Believe in the Future of Driving
Believe in the Future of Driving
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Social
Six children contemplate what the cars of the future might look like for Audi UK.
Jan 4th 2018 14:24:13
adidas Football - David Beckham: Capsule Collection: The return of an icon
adidas Football
David Beckham: Capsule Collection: The return of an icon
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Social
adidas, with David Beckham, brought back it's famous Predator boot after an absence of 4 years.
Dec 21st 2017 10:09:53
first direct - Tries new things
first direct
(first direct )
Tries new things
Advertising/Creative, Digital, Social
first direct encouraged potential new customers to try new experiences and to switch banks to them.
Nov 16th 2017 08:59:10
Digital, Social
HSBC encouraged young people in the UK to pursue new opportunities, and avoid future regrets.
Oct 3rd 2017 16:36:53
Benefit - #ConcealMySecret
(Benefit Boi-ing)
Digital, Social
We launched Benefit's Boi-ing range with a new tool to conceal cringe-worthy social media moments.
Sep 18th 2017 11:28:52

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