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Tweet : Apr 26th 2018 12:18
#ThursdayThoughts - Sure, 3D printing is cool - but are plastic shoes really the next big thing? #Nike #WhatAboutTheEnvironment #Design #3Dprinting
Tweet : Apr 26th 2018 07:49
Independent coffee chain @BTPcafes, is believed to be the first in the UK to ban the sale of hot drinks in disposable cups - #Sustainability #Coffee #Branding #NoExcuseforSingleUse
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 13:15
RT @JamesByrnebrand: A very simple formula for #innovation - how to embrace chaos and creative obsession and incorporate it into systematic
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 12:06
Creative Director Nik Finan is representing @DragonRougeUK today at the @dandad Festival and we hear its a blast! #DANDAD18 #Design
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 10:20
RT @JamesByrnebrand: Don’t forget the wildcard - @VirginTrains Innovation Manager Mark Pettman shares some of the secrets to Innovation Pla
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 10:10
Excited to be at the Chief Innovation Officer Summit today learning from speakers like @MPetts23, @anna_kwiat and @KSthankiya on topics including design led innovation. #CINOLDN #Innovation #Design
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 09:09
#WednesdayWisdom with @DragonRougeUK's Chairman Dorothy Mackenzie and @hubbubUK, discussing circularity in branding - #Circularity #Sustainability #Packaging
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 07:45
#Casestudy - Modern and premium for Polish dermocosmetics brand, IWOSTIN. #Cosmetics #Branding #Design #SkinCare
Tweet : Apr 24th 2018 11:59
@akafidalgo_UK Hi Adriano - thank you for letting us know you are having trouble with the submission button on our site. While we check on this, please send your application to
Tweet : Apr 24th 2018 07:43
#Casestudy - A vibrant new visual identity for MDEC expressing a strong digital character in keeping with the times. #Branding #Design #Identity #Digital #Technology
Tweet : Apr 23rd 2018 07:47
#MotivationMonday - Google’s Ivy Ross for @FastCoDesign on the future of industrial design. #Design #IndustrialDesign #Google
Tweet : Apr 22nd 2018 11:03
Eco-friendly brands to shop in honour of Earth Day - @TOMS @SeventhGen @HouseofMarleyUK @NisoloShoes @cuyana @reformationx @iwantproof @BollAndBranch
Tweet : Apr 21st 2018 11:05
#Casestudy - Positioned as a “Next Gen Apothecary,” the M?dere portfolio of luxury beauty products harnesses the power of nature to deliver innovation in the category. #Skincare #Branding #Design
Tweet : Apr 20th 2018 08:40
RT @Creativepool: Nature’s potential and the AdeZ impact #CPSpotlight by @DragonRougeUK, @CocaColaCo
Tweet : Apr 20th 2018 07:40
#Casestudy - Our work for @AllenOvery - a great end to end project from brand strategy to visual identity to internal engagement, recruitment strategy and diversity in the workplace - #Branding #BrandStrategy #Strategy #LawFirm
Tweet : Apr 19th 2018 12:18
#ThursdayThoughts - Customer behaviour is the 'weak link' in the Costa recycling chain - #Packaging #Recycle #Coffee
Tweet : Apr 19th 2018 07:49
#Casestudy - Helping re-interpret the fundamental values of the much loved LU brand - #Packaging #Design #Branding #Biscuits
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 12:05
RT @taruhynynen: Inspiring talk by @DragonRougeUK on humanizing brands at the British Embassy Helsinki. Loved the notion about natural lang
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 08:48
Our Associate Director Strategy Rosie Brodhurst-Hooper is live on stage at the @DragonRougeUK Nordic seminars in #Helsinki discussing the Paradox of #Packaging #SparkCreateReact #dragonrouge #dragonrougeseminars #branding #design #brandstrategy #brandworld
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 08:48
RT @MakelaJani: This morning started in British Embassy @myhelsinki with brand related seminar by @DragonRougeUK @TallinkSilja
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 08:46
RT @pia_fri: Good advice for us all working in corporate communications by @DragonRougeUK - avoid these words ???? #branding #authenticity #br
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 07:32
Our @DragonRougeUK Executive Director Strategy Ant Cox is live on stage at our Nordics seminars at in Helsinki, sharing some thoughts on how brands need to become more human #SparkCreateReact #dragonrouge #dragonrougeseminars
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 06:39
We have a full house here at the @DragonRougeUK Nordic seminars. Her majesty's Ambassador to Finland Tom Dodd welcomes our clients to our breakfast events at The British Embassy in #Helsinki #SparkCreateReact #dragonrouge #dragonrougeseminars
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 05:27
RT @JamesByrnebrand: Excited to be here in #Helsinki at the @DragonRougeUK Nordic seminars at the Ambassador’s House at the British Embassy
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 05:18
We're here in Helsinki at the British Embassy Ambassador's House for our Nordic Seminars. Looking forward to sharing some key insights and having some interesting discussions with some great client partners #SparkCreateReact #dragonrouge #dragonrougeseminars
Tweet : Apr 17th 2018 07:43
Softness and comfort cues for the rebrand of SoftLove pampers - #Branding #Pampers
Tweet : Apr 16th 2018 07:47
#MondayMotivation - “It's not enough to be the best at what you do. You must be perceived as the only one who does what you do.” Branding advice from Grateful Dead guitarist, Jerry Garcia.
Tweet : Apr 15th 2018 11:03
Teach kids creativity. Ultimately, machines will be better at coding - Google Ventures General Partner, @thulme for @WiredUK - #Creativity #Branding #Education
Tweet : Apr 14th 2018 11:05
@LEGO_Group replaces British Airways as UK’s top consumer brand as Amazon falls off Superbrands list - #Branding #Superbrands
Tweet : Apr 13th 2018 12:39
#Casestudy - A new, refreshed visual identity for premium tea brand, Irving - #Branding #Design #Tea
News : Feb 22nd 2018 by James Byrne
Dragon Rouge is shortlisted for Design Effectiveness Award for work on Danone Light & Free.
News : Feb 22nd 2018 by James Byrne
News : Jan 29th 2018 by James Byrne
Dragon Rouge has been appointed by Media Prima Television to handle its branding initiatives in 2018 -
News : Aug 17th 2017 by James Byrne
We will be speaking at the Sustainable Brands Conference in Copenhagen, October 30th-November 1st 2018. We very much hope to see you there!
News : Feb 4th 2014 by Geraint Jones
We have been shortlisted for both the 2014 Transform Awards & the 2014 Marketing Design Awards for our work with Moscow Exchange & Danone
News : Nov 18th 2013 by Meyric Rawlings
Come and see us at the Sustainable Brands Conference, London, 18th - 19th November 2013
News : Sep 19th 2013 by Meyric Rawlings
Design and Desire, 100% Design, 19th September, 5pm. We'll be in a panel discussion on design, business and influence.
News : Apr 9th 2013 by Meyric Rawlings
This week we celebrated the launch of our new book Business is Beautiful looking at the art of a successful business
News : Feb 4th 2013 by Meyric Rawlings
Our spring seminar programme is revealed. From brand futures to brand architecture come and share your thoughts
News : Sep 1st 2012 by Meyric Rawlings
We worked with The Grocer to come up with design concepts transforming milk into an energy and sports drink.
News : Aug 30th 2012 by Meyric Rawlings
Our next Dragon tale event is presented by psychologist and broadcaster, Claudia Hammond, presenter of All in the Mind & Mind Changers.
News : Jul 18th 2012 by Meyric Rawlings
Dragon Rouge creates SWIFT a new corporate communication standard for engaging the stakeholder community.
News : Jul 11th 2012 by Meyric Rawlings
We've set the dates for the next two Dragon Tales - 13 September with Claudia Hammond and 15 November with Leo Hickman.
News : Jun 27th 2012 by Meyric Rawlings
We began work this year to evolve The QCA brand, focusing on their positioning, visual identity and tone of voice.
News : Jun 5th 2012 by Meyric Rawlings
The London event is being launched with specific initial support from Unilever, Dragon Rouge, Forum for the Future and SustainAbility.
News : Apr 24th 2012 by Kerry O'Connor
Savera Dairy wins best newcomer dairy brand. Dragon Rouge worked to bring the UK's first branded dairy Indian range to market.

AdeZ/ AdeS - Dragon Rouge and The Coca-Cola Company work together to launch AdeZ in Europe
AdeZ/ AdeS
(The Coca-Cola Company)
Dragon Rouge and The Coca-Cola Company work together to launch AdeZ in Europe
Brand Activation, Brand strategy, Branding / design
Creating a new identity for a completely new category of drinks for The Coca-Cola Company in Europe
Apr 10th 2018 17:07:57
LISTERINE® - Invigorating an iconic brand
(Johnson & Johnson)
Invigorating an iconic brand
Branding / design
Transforming LISTERINE® into an emotionally energizing part of the consumer's oral care routine.
Mar 28th 2018 09:22:10
MWM - MWM Video
(Music World Media)
MWM Video
Branding / design
Dragon Rouge creates brand identity for MWM- making music mixing accessible to the world.
Jan 31st 2018 15:09:43
Carte Noire Selection - Carte Noire Selection
Carte Noire Selection
(Mondelez International)
Carte Noire Selection
Brand strategy, Branding / design, Innovation/NPD/Service Design
CARTE NOIRE widens its product range with Sélection, created by Dragon Rouge
Nov 28th 2017 09:25:25
SeyPearl  - Refreshingly Sechellois
(Diageo )
Refreshingly Sechellois
Brand strategy, Branding / design
Creating a fresh brand identity for SeyPearl, the range of soft drinks/mixers for Diageo Seychelles
Oct 24th 2017 17:12:07

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